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While death can be a sensitive topic, it is very important to think about your legacy and the future of the loved ones that you will one day leave behind.  You can rest assured that your estate affairs will be properly handled according to your wishes by establishing an estate plan.  Once the estate plan is in place with either a will or a trust, you can sleep better knowing that you have provided for your loved ones in the event of your passing.

At Riverwood Legal & Accounting Services, S.C., we have the experience and the knowledge to help you make informed decisions regarding your estate.  We will listen to your wishes and custom craft a written legal plan for the efficient management and distribution of your assets, both during your lifetime and after death.  At the consultation, we will gather a detailed understanding of your family circumstances, we will answer any questions that you have, and we will help you decide which estate plan is best for your needs.

We have helped many individuals and couples throughout the Greater Milwaukee Area establish their estate plans.  We pride ourselves on procuring peace of mind for our clients by properly preparing their estate plan and sufficiently providing for their heirs.  We also minimize tax concerns for the estate and maximize wealth transfer to heirs.

If you are thinking about establishing your estate plan, please give us a call to schedule a free initial consultation.  We would love the opportunity to discuss your wishes and recommend an estate plan customized to your needs.

Our Other Legal Services for Greater Milwaukee

In addition to Estate Planning, we provide expert legal help in the following areas:

We would be happy to discuss any of these areas with you during your free initial consultation.

We are proud to offer our legal & accounting services on a Fixed Fee Basis.